Saturday, 1 August 2009

Some stuff and some more stuff

Well, OK, not more. Maybe more. I'm just improv-ing this post, I guess this blog just needs updating, no matter what with. Yah, so get ready for a rant.

Have you ever noticed how small we are? How something in a TV programme can mean everything to you, but in the general scheme of the universe, it's just some tiny speck in a civilization of some planet somewhere which, itself, is a tiny speck on the face of the universe. Gee, now you feel all small. Heh.

So ja, Brickspace's Flash animated banner, which has been in production for many months, has finallally been released (-allally)! Huzzah! Go check it out by following the link to Brickspace on the sidebar -->

What else? Oh yeah, I saw Moon! You didn't think I was going to, but I did, Jimmy McGrew! I went up to the Curzon cinema in London and saw it! I dids! And it was GREAT! Even Jimmy McGrew hasn't seen it, and I have, Dick Weatherington! Yes I HAVE!! Oh looksie, a new graphic:

Where'd that come from? Who knows (apart from Jimmy McGrew and his gay partner Dick Weatherington, and also their dog Schmätziehoffern)!?

Oh, I gots me a new signiature as well - even though I never had an original signiature to progress from. It just sounds better to say 'new'. It even includes the cool n that I have in my Flickr username. So what is that n? Well, it's the Latin letter Eng, and it's one of a series of Latin letters that were made up to show certain sounds in English - so it's not part of the IPA (though it is the IPA symbol for the 'ng' sound). Now, if you've bothered to look at the previous brackets, which is probable because they're all that blocked your way towards this sentence and, admit it, you'll read whatever's right-of or next-line-far-left of what you're currently reading, you'll have a headstart on what Eng sounds like. Why not actually say the word 'Eng' and hear that great sound at the back of your throat? That's the 'ng' sound, nitwit. And that's what Eng does. Oh, and no, 'JohÅ‹' is NOT pronounced like 'Jong'. Agreed? Yes.

I'd like to thank all my family (sob), Sunil Patel (sob), Wikipedia (sniff) and the Apple character palette for helping me win this (sob) prestig(sob)ous award. Th(sob)thank you!! (sob)(sob)(sob)

Please note the above '(sob)'s have no relation to an abbreviation of a certain insult which consists of accusing the insultee that they (automatically being thought of as male, though the insult does not have the same effects of those of the female persuasion) are descended from a female dog. Instead it only acts to show that, whilst the above person was making the above speech (no sexual innuendo intended, though no sexual innuendo should be made out of the preceding statement in the first place - if you have found the preceding statement somehow funny in a sexual manner, please inform us), the forementioned person was sobbing. The verb 'sob' here has no relation to that in which 'to sob' means 'to tell someone they are a male descendant of a female dog'. Thank you for your time.


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