Tuesday, 4 August 2009

You've got sprog!

I almost thought I wasn't going to post today, but it turns out I did, eigh? EIGH? Yes, i did. This probably won't be as long as most posts in recent days, because [for once] I don't have much to say. Yes, I don't.

Hmm. My hands smell like washing-up liquid. I guess that's because I was doing the washing-up today and the right glove was broken so I had to do it one-gloved. Dang.

So yeah, I was watching rubbish BBC Three programmes last night about underage pregnancies. Some of the people on those programmes are so... ignorant? I briefly thought about making a mock-programme called 'You've got sprog!' but then decided against it when I started thinking up scenes in it that could insult just about everyone, from women to northern people. A shame, really - I was just preparing my 'Kevin the idiotic underage father' accent. He could have been playing his DS in the hospital as well.

Yes, I have a strange mind. Who doesn't? To everyone else, your mind is a strange place, simply because it is so different to their minds. For all you know, everyone may see blue as a different colour. Of course, there would be no way to describe the difference in colour because you'd just call it 'blue', and that colour would correspond to another colour in someone else's mind, in someone else's eyes. Though this may be shocking, it's good to know that it really doesn't matter and that  we can all live our lives happily with or without knowing.

I went to the opticians today. Tried on some glasses. Obviously. I really want the large, old fashioned-looking ones, but they simply don't suit me. Everyone seems to want me to wear those thin, modern-looking ones. And, if I have the big ones, then I'd have to be making a 'fashion statement' of sorts, and I can't do that at school. Oh noes. If I were famous, walking on the red carpet every friday night, then I could, but no, not now.

I'll leave you with this final graphic I made just now:

Fighting the system. Something not to be attempted, unless you happen to be Schm├Ątziehoffern. Hah, you thought I'd forget about Jimmy McGrew and his Homo Crew. I didn't.

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