Sunday, 2 August 2009

Grumpy-looking coat stands

In continuation from yesterday's randomly random outburst of UTTER MADNESS, I'm back for what I hope will be a daily update of what I've christened improv-typing. So just let me blab on about whatever the hell I want to, and I'll let you not put your cutlery in the right way up in the dishwasher, and we'll get along swell.

So what's new today? The date. It has never been 2nd August 2009 ever before now, and it never will be, so suck it all up, vacuum Clooney. Whut? Nothing.

Anyways, Jimmy McGrew (and Dick Weatherington and Schm├Ątziehoffern), I went to a boot sale today. I was hoping to be one of those insanely lucky guys on Flickr who find loads of Classic Space sets MISB (mint in sealed box) with untouched minifigs and all. In fact, I found some rugs, a Slavic book and several grumpy-looking people. None of which I bought. Who'd even want a grumpy-looking person? What use would that be other than as a coat stand? Actually, now I come to think of it, one of those grumpy-looking people would have been very useful.

So that was a failure. No Lego, just some God-awful Mega Bl*ks. Shudder.

In other news, your mother was today found shoplifting from the pound shop. Jim Crackles, manager of the 99p Store approximately three stores up from where your mother was caught this morning, says he recognises her from several shopliftings in his store earlier today. Tsk tsk.

So yeah, I watched The Commitments! I've listened to their music for ages now, and the movie finally came on TV. It was great! Next up: Blues Brothers.


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