Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Well hello there.

Hmm, what's new [Jimmy McGrew]?

Nuff'n much, I just thought I should post here because Johnspace was dropping down my blog list (where the blogs updated the most recently are at the top). Gee, this blog was even below F***ing Apostrophes! Heh, what is the world coming to?

Well, I'm now in der freizeit! Or on holiday, for those of you who can't speak Deutsch, I'm on holiday!

I've built a couple o' things, watched Defiance (meh) and gone to WHSmith for some much-needed stationery shopping, though not in that order. Heh. Expect those MOCs to be up here and on Flickr soon...

ps. I've got four photos on Flickr's Explore pages now! Hoorah!

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