Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Well hello there.

Hmm, what's new [Jimmy McGrew]?

Nuff'n much, I just thought I should post here because Johnspace was dropping down my blog list (where the blogs updated the most recently are at the top). Gee, this blog was even below F***ing Apostrophes! Heh, what is the world coming to?

Well, I'm now in der freizeit! Or on holiday, for those of you who can't speak Deutsch, I'm on holiday!

I've built a couple o' things, watched Defiance (meh) and gone to WHSmith for some much-needed stationery shopping, though not in that order. Heh. Expect those MOCs to be up here and on Flickr soon...

ps. I've got four photos on Flickr's Explore pages now! Hoorah!

Banner: O HAI THERE!

Thursday, 9 July 2009

District 9 Trailer #2

They just released a proper, full-length District 9 trailer! Wahoo! So, we get to see some new footage and a hint of a plot. Though I'm not too happy with that alien mech thing, and all the explosions, I guess that's what brings money in when it gets to the general public. Is it only me who wants a non-violent District 9 film? Anyways, the spray-can-thing and the warning signs, along with the way it's shot, make this film unique and haunting, and I definitely want to go and see it. September 4th in the UK.

Saturday, 4 July 2009

'Cold Souls' Trailer

Now, I've known Paul Giamatti to star in some weird films, but in Cold Souls, to be released August 7th in New York and LA only, Giamatti has outdone himself.

Let me give you the plot: Giammati plays an actor called... Paul Giamatti, who sees an ad for soul-extraction in his newspaper, and thinks it's a great solution to his problems. Unfortunately, someone nicks his soul and takes it off to Russia.

Yeah. I think the trailer should explain it better:

Merged MOCs!

Recently I merged the themes Power Miners and Classic Space, to create an ultimately crap new style. Here are the results of my labour:
Banner: Ark ark.