Wednesday, 13 May 2009


Such fun on Omegle...
I first started talking French, seeing how long it would take for my chat-mate to disconnect in utter frustration. This one lasted a while, relatively...
This one, methinks, is Spanish. So he disconnected when he knew I was french.
This guy obviously hates French people.
Then I started speaking Danish (hence the 'hej'). Sadly this guy just doesn't quite geddit, since he met some Nazi in a previous chat.
What an anti-badgerist he was. And he's Swedish - nothing compared to Danes. Pfft.
This guy hates badgers too...
This guy actually went with the badger thing, surprisingly. But then he talked about the goddamn Game. I hate that thing.
Then I tried to talk as if I knew the stranger I was talking to. This guy went along with the joke (no, really, I hadn't talked to him before).
I should have, really.
Then I tried writing in binary. Binary DOES have spaces in it, when you're writing it down. In the actual binary code, however, it doesn't. Spaces just make it easier to see/understand.
One of the greatest things to do is start the chat with the same thing each time, and see how different Strangers react. My one was 'Cut the shit. I know what you're here for'. But who is Joe Jonas?

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Jagrmeister said...

Binary doesn't have spaces in it. LOL! Nice one.

I use Omegle and this other site - . Has fewer spam bots and can choose to talk to guys or girls- whichever.