Wednesday, 13 May 2009


Such fun on Omegle...
I first started talking French, seeing how long it would take for my chat-mate to disconnect in utter frustration. This one lasted a while, relatively...
This one, methinks, is Spanish. So he disconnected when he knew I was french.
This guy obviously hates French people.
Then I started speaking Danish (hence the 'hej'). Sadly this guy just doesn't quite geddit, since he met some Nazi in a previous chat.
What an anti-badgerist he was. And he's Swedish - nothing compared to Danes. Pfft.
This guy hates badgers too...
This guy actually went with the badger thing, surprisingly. But then he talked about the goddamn Game. I hate that thing.
Then I tried to talk as if I knew the stranger I was talking to. This guy went along with the joke (no, really, I hadn't talked to him before).
I should have, really.
Then I tried writing in binary. Binary DOES have spaces in it, when you're writing it down. In the actual binary code, however, it doesn't. Spaces just make it easier to see/understand.
One of the greatest things to do is start the chat with the same thing each time, and see how different Strangers react. My one was 'Cut the shit. I know what you're here for'. But who is Joe Jonas?

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Sarcasm marks

We have a question mark (?) to show a rise in the tone of someone's voice at the end of a sentence, which makes it question-like.

We have an exclamation mark (!) to show a loudly-spoken sentence or one with exclamation or surprise. Usually these sentences [ended in !] are louder than usual sentences, to show surprise or that the speaker did not expect something, or they need to get something said quickly (as for why the human voice gets louder when the speaker is in danger/worried/scared, we must look back to the origins of mankind for that. Though I don't know exactly, it is probably something to do with hunting instincts or coming across predators).

So what if you want to express sarcasm? Well, that's where today's writers have to let you work out where sarcasm happens.

Yet suffer no more! I think there should be a sarcasm mark, or part of punctuation which shows sarcasm, instead of the funny way which is just using mock-HTML tags:

Well of course I'm stupid.

Hows about something like the exclamation or question mark?
 I started by editing an exclamation mark, with 'swooshes' to show smooth irony and sarcasm.

Then I carried out my original idea, to have a curvy body to an exclamation mark, to show a lack of solid insult/statement, as if it were not completely 'meant'.
But the problem with the exclamation mark-type sarcasm showing is that you don't know completely which part is intended in sarcasm: it could end a sentence which contains various clauses, and not all of those clauses are intended in sarcasm. So why not show sarcasm like we did before with the HTML tags? Why not as a set of 'speech marks'? So I tried out a couple of ideas and this (above, beautifully modeled by the 'a') is what I came out with. Sure, I might refine the design, and I'll let you know when I do. The idea for the top-left + bottom-right layout is from some Danish speech marks:


Which are also used in German, though in Danish you can also use:


Thank you and goodnight.

Oh and Jimmy McGee.

Monday, 11 May 2009


Hey, do you want some messed-up fun? Well look no further than, where you get to chat to completely randomly chosen strangers! Hoorah!

No, seriously, it's quite a lot of fun, and it's addictive. I once talked to a guy who said 'I'm black'. I said 'I don't care' and he disconnected. Another person I kept being randomly selected with, three or four times. - for random fun!


This film looks like it's gunna be AMAZING. If only it wasn't an 18...

Sunday, 10 May 2009


Or welcome. Whatever your preference.

So, what's new, Jimmy McGrew? Well, loads.

Firstly, I managed to finally finish MOCtag in a record-breaking three days flat. You can find the story and the pikchas here , but first let's see a clip:
Next up, a funny series of comic strips about Swine Flu! Achoo!
I may make more, but I've kinda run out of ideas. Damn.
Also, check out the Supr-Kamiokande detector in Japan. No, that doesn't mean you need to go there, I just wanted to show you a picture of it, because I was reading about it in a book (Quantum Physics for Everyone... ha ha, it sounds really bad), and it's so huge. It contains 500,000 tons of super-pure water for detecting them neutrinos.
It's large. Uh-huh.

Banner: What Neutrino?