Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Phone Pics #5

Here it is, guys. The final installment of my Phone Pics season. Why the final one, you ask. Well, they'e pretty pointless. I take fifty or so pictures, get rid of half because they are rubbish and try my best to edit the not-as-rubbish ones that are left. Of those, I can only so five or so to you, and three or so to Flickr (due to showing people's faces). And taking good pictures in the first place is a struggle. So there we go, that's it: I've decided to end Phone Pics, and on a convenient number, too. Will I still take pictures of everyday life on the bus? Sure, if it's worth taking pictures of. But, until I attempt a 365-Day project, that's the last you will see of it.

The after-snow sludge back in February. Yeuch.

Chris holds a piece of paper as Tompee flicks his fountain pen against it, creating artwork fit for the Tate Modern. Tim watches on. Great fun!

(see on Flickr here )

Just looking out of the bus window. This is why I dropped this project.

That's it. Enjoy, farvel, and au revoir!

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