Wednesday, 8 April 2009


Hej, all!

Just a short post here to tell you that I've been chosen to do the 28th episode of Shannon Young's MOCtag over on MOCpages! Hoorah! MOCtag is where each MOCer has to write a segment of a story and illustrate it with Lego creations. Once they are finished they must nominate another MOCer to continue the story and do the same. The latest one is #26, and the guy who is doing #27 asked me to do #28! I'll be following in the footsteps of Alex Eylar, JD Lude, Joris Blok, and many more! I'm so excited!

And, about Gigapig: don't worry about it, seriously, it's a 4chan thing. Oh, and if anyone asks, I was on /p/ when it happened. 'Cause I was. No, really.

Banner: Gigapig!

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