Sunday, 26 April 2009

Summer has come!

And so have all these pictures I have taken today!
The sun was shining through the edge of this tree in my garden, and I couldn't resist photographing it. I just love lens flare.
Sky, trees and buildings. Yeah, I guess that's all I have to say about these ones.
One of my favourite shots, a cloud, in case you can't tell.
Taking some macro black+white pictures of stuff in my Dad's shed (top: under a bicycle saddle, bottom: part of a unicycle).
If the sun shines through the trampoline, you can see through it if you're underneath it. Hence this pic.

Right, that's all. Now be off with you, intruder, before Jimmy McGrew sees you with me!

Saturday, 25 April 2009


It's time for a big ol' update again. Ah well.

Just recently I was fiddling around with new banner designs for the JVK blog, Jåm!. Then, on thursday,a boy in my class was talking about Denmark (his grandmother is Danish), and he said they eat a lot of Herring. So that sparked my creativity and Herrings prevailed in the new Jåm! banner idea. Firstly, I'll show you lot my other messings-around with Herring...

I first started out by making some funny, herring-related poster for JVK 7. This one is based on a famous quote from Star Wars, in which Obi-Wan or Han Solo (can't remember who) says 'That's no moon...' about the Death Star (yeah, it's Ep. IV).

In that first picture I tried overlaying the Herring with a Danish flag, to relate it to Denmark somehow, but it didn't work out. Instead, I googled 'Herring' and got this pic of this fella holding a massive Herring, then popped a Danish flag on it. Ah, fun fun fun.

I wanted to continue with the Herring-Denmark link, so I made this mock-Danish oceanic food web, where all the species are Herrings. I even went on Wikipedia to find the Latin name for Herring. That, my friends, is true devotion.

Then I started making these square, simple .gif-style posters, with a Herring in the middle. This Herring is speaking English.

This one is also speaking English (ha, I bet you thought I was gonna have Herrings in different languages. You're so gullible).

One of my favourites, but it's quite close to the one before it.

It's true you know. It's always Herring. Forget yes and no. Forget maybe. Forget every other word apart from Herring, the one true word. The Herring is the deity.

I was looking through my Downloads folder for stuff to Herring-ise, and I couldn't resist this one, with Jørgen Vig Knudstorp, Kjelf Kirk Kristiansen and some Lego Ambassador. And the Herring, of course. Can you spot the second Herring?

Yeah, it's a bit rude, but it doesn't matter. In the comments, suggest captions for what that bloke in the hat might be saying.

And finally, here is the Herring Truth put into action. Herring answers all.

So, after that mess with Herring, I finished off with the Jåm logo:

This time the Herring actually is from a different country. Ah, fun fun fun. I've also done numerous more MOCs, which you can find on my Photostream ...

The Crimson Permanent Assurance

Neo-1900s car

and a Jeep from Jurassic Park .

Banner: The answer is always Herring.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Phone Pics #5

Here it is, guys. The final installment of my Phone Pics season. Why the final one, you ask. Well, they'e pretty pointless. I take fifty or so pictures, get rid of half because they are rubbish and try my best to edit the not-as-rubbish ones that are left. Of those, I can only so five or so to you, and three or so to Flickr (due to showing people's faces). And taking good pictures in the first place is a struggle. So there we go, that's it: I've decided to end Phone Pics, and on a convenient number, too. Will I still take pictures of everyday life on the bus? Sure, if it's worth taking pictures of. But, until I attempt a 365-Day project, that's the last you will see of it.

The after-snow sludge back in February. Yeuch.

Chris holds a piece of paper as Tompee flicks his fountain pen against it, creating artwork fit for the Tate Modern. Tim watches on. Great fun!

(see on Flickr here )

Just looking out of the bus window. This is why I dropped this project.

That's it. Enjoy, farvel, and au revoir!

Wednesday, 8 April 2009


Hej, all!

Just a short post here to tell you that I've been chosen to do the 28th episode of Shannon Young's MOCtag over on MOCpages! Hoorah! MOCtag is where each MOCer has to write a segment of a story and illustrate it with Lego creations. Once they are finished they must nominate another MOCer to continue the story and do the same. The latest one is #26, and the guy who is doing #27 asked me to do #28! I'll be following in the footsteps of Alex Eylar, JD Lude, Joris Blok, and many more! I'm so excited!

And, about Gigapig: don't worry about it, seriously, it's a 4chan thing. Oh, and if anyone asks, I was on /p/ when it happened. 'Cause I was. No, really.

Banner: Gigapig!



Friday, 3 April 2009


... for Easter! Or 'improbable resurrection festival'!!

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

JVK 6 +TBB mention!


Yeah, sure, he asked me whether he could, but Nannan Zhang from The Brothers Brick (most popular Lego blog on the net) has posted JVK 6! Wahoo! See it here .

Oh, and sorry I abandoned the making-of journal. Speaking of JVK 6, here's a special behind the scenes video:

Om nom nom.