Sunday, 15 March 2009

Illusions, MOCs, more!

Woah, I have so much to tell you guys. Let's get started.

I've made some cool little visual illusions, and you can see them all (two of them - one in three versions, as I was developing it) here . Just to tease you, here's the latest version of one of them:

Look at it a bit closer... See? It doesn't make geometric sense!

Next up, I've made some Red Nose Day-style posters with the famous people around the Lego Online Community. Here's one:

More can be found on the Brickspace post here , or my Flickr gallery here .
I've been doing a hellofalotta artwork and Lego stuff recently, so here's a round-up:

  • Many of you may know I do lots of sketches in my Jotters. Well, I've scanned them in and they should appear here and here in the coming weeks.
  • I've made a whole load more MOCs, and I've got loads of pics that I will share with my Flickr and MOCpages fans soon. Here's a preview:

  • I hope that's good enough for you.
  • What else? Oh yeah, I'm Brickfilming again! Now, I know that last time I said that, I didn't release that film, but I've actually finished this one. I just need to add voices... sometime. Preview here .
See ya, guys!

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