Thursday, 26 March 2009

JVK 6 journal: Day One

The JVK 6 journal has started! Yes, in the next few days, I will take you through how I made the next (and most famous) JVK! For a link to each post (apart from this, none have been made as of now), check below:

Day 1.

Ok, so here's Day 1! Day 1 is all about the layout and story of the comic, so I jotted down the blueprint-istic version of the comic, without proper dialogue. I will make that later. Since I have learned a bit of Danish, it should include some Danish words! Woopee!

Here's a screenshot from early today, when I made the frame for the comic on Fw (abbreviation for Adobe Fireworks CS3):

Oooh, exciting. So I've done the frame... tomorrow I'll get started on the characters!

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