Saturday, 21 March 2009


This blog has once again be rebranded. Sorry, but I think I'm finally finished with it now. It's now called 'Johnspace', a little take-off of Brickspace. The logo was partly taken from the advert for my upcoming series of space MOCs:
The banner above will be changed every now and then, with new taglines, each wittier than the last! Har har!
So why the rebrand?
  1. I was getting tired of the old, slightly crappy logo
  2. I am not making so many films at the moment, so Crescent Studios shouldn't influence this blog and its design
  3. I want to open this blog up to a bigger audience, the fans I have made on Flickr and MOCpages
  4. I don't want to write such personal stuff about school and whatnot. I still will write some things, but most of it's boring and I shouldn't have to tell you.
  5. I want more people to view this blog.
  6. I want this blog to fit with my online pseudonym of John - I don't want people clicking on 'John's Blog' then going to some William Dalton thing.
I hope that explained it. Enjoy!

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