Sunday, 29 March 2009

Stud Formulae

Hey there, guys. I've just perfected some formulae to work out how many tubes and tube spaces there are on each brick. Look, I'll explain.

Sometimes when you want to work out how many tubes are on a Lego brick, simply counting them isn't enough. Firstly, I'll explain what tubes are.

Take an ordinary Lego plate, say a 4x4 square one. The studs (all 16) should be on top. Now turn the brick over. You should see an interesting pattern of what looks like studs, but are hollow. These are tubes. Studs from another brick will fit in between them.

So here's an easy way of finding out how many tubes there are on a brick which has so-and-so studs. To calculate this, you need two values: the number of horizontal studs and the number of vertical studs on a brick, if seen from above.

So, you can see that our brick has a vertical stud number (Sv) of 6 and a horizontal stud number (Sh) of 4. These can easily be swapped, you don't have to worry about which is vertical and which is horizontal. Now let's take a look at the equation:

Tube# = (Sv-1) x (Sh-1)

So let's input our values...

Tube# = (6-1) x (4-1)

So our 6x4 plate has 15 tubes. If you have one lying around, take a look at it and you'll see it's right!

Now then, for some techniques (such as the Enjary joint) we need to know how many Tube Spaces there are. Let's look at our diagram again:

As you can see, the studs have turned grey and the tubes are now in white. The spaces between the tubes are highlighted in red. Now sometimes, counting those spaces can be tricky. No need to worry! I've got a formula for ye:

( ( (Sh-1)-1)x(Sv-1) ) + ( ( (Sv-1)-1)x(Sh-1) )

Substitute your horizontal stud numbers and vertical stud numbers...

( ( (4-1)-1)x(6-1) ) + ( ( (6-1)-1)x(4-1) )

...and you will get an answer of 22, which is correct! You can call this stud-gap number ǥ (for those of you who can't see it, it's a g with a cross through its tail).

I rest my case.

Friday, 27 March 2009

Yes. No. Er, maybe.

Well I don't know why I came here tonight,
I've got a feeling that something ain't right.


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JVK 6 journal: Day Two

Ok, today's work is not finished, but I'll show you the best I've done so far...

This comic features an appearance from the Lego owner, Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen. To whet your appetite, here's a screenshot of my cartoonised version of him...

Thursday, 26 March 2009

JVK 6 journal: Day One

The JVK 6 journal has started! Yes, in the next few days, I will take you through how I made the next (and most famous) JVK! For a link to each post (apart from this, none have been made as of now), check below:

Day 1.

Ok, so here's Day 1! Day 1 is all about the layout and story of the comic, so I jotted down the blueprint-istic version of the comic, without proper dialogue. I will make that later. Since I have learned a bit of Danish, it should include some Danish words! Woopee!

Here's a screenshot from early today, when I made the frame for the comic on Fw (abbreviation for Adobe Fireworks CS3):

Oooh, exciting. So I've done the frame... tomorrow I'll get started on the characters!

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Stuck in the middle with you

Clowns to the left to me,
Jokers to the right,
Here I am:
Stuck in the middle with you.

-Stealer's Wheel

I'm five years ago...

And three thousand miles away.


Monday, 23 March 2009

The Truth

It's true, you know.

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Saturday, 21 March 2009


This blog has once again be rebranded. Sorry, but I think I'm finally finished with it now. It's now called 'Johnspace', a little take-off of Brickspace. The logo was partly taken from the advert for my upcoming series of space MOCs:
The banner above will be changed every now and then, with new taglines, each wittier than the last! Har har!
So why the rebrand?
  1. I was getting tired of the old, slightly crappy logo
  2. I am not making so many films at the moment, so Crescent Studios shouldn't influence this blog and its design
  3. I want to open this blog up to a bigger audience, the fans I have made on Flickr and MOCpages
  4. I don't want to write such personal stuff about school and whatnot. I still will write some things, but most of it's boring and I shouldn't have to tell you.
  5. I want more people to view this blog.
  6. I want this blog to fit with my online pseudonym of John - I don't want people clicking on 'John's Blog' then going to some William Dalton thing.
I hope that explained it. Enjoy!

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Illusions, MOCs, more!

Woah, I have so much to tell you guys. Let's get started.

I've made some cool little visual illusions, and you can see them all (two of them - one in three versions, as I was developing it) here . Just to tease you, here's the latest version of one of them:

Look at it a bit closer... See? It doesn't make geometric sense!

Next up, I've made some Red Nose Day-style posters with the famous people around the Lego Online Community. Here's one:

More can be found on the Brickspace post here , or my Flickr gallery here .
I've been doing a hellofalotta artwork and Lego stuff recently, so here's a round-up:

  • Many of you may know I do lots of sketches in my Jotters. Well, I've scanned them in and they should appear here and here in the coming weeks.
  • I've made a whole load more MOCs, and I've got loads of pics that I will share with my Flickr and MOCpages fans soon. Here's a preview:

  • I hope that's good enough for you.
  • What else? Oh yeah, I'm Brickfilming again! Now, I know that last time I said that, I didn't release that film, but I've actually finished this one. I just need to add voices... sometime. Preview here .
See ya, guys!

Sunday, 8 March 2009


Some quotes you guys might like.

Monday, 2 March 2009

Film Festival, 'Commisions'

Yes, you read right. It's more about the Film Festival.

Basically, Luke and I went round the year 7s' and 8s' form rooms, to spread the Film Festival message, let them know that we haven't given up yet!

No way. Well, maybe...

Next up, I'm proud to announce that I've been 'commissioned' (it's not really a commission, it just sounds better that way) by The Brothers Brick to produce a special Jørgen Vig Knudstorp April Fool's Day comic for them!

So this means JVK needs a MASSIVE redesign. This will take some work... and a letter to JVK himself!

AND Mr Day has asked me to make him a video for the Year 11 Legacy project. More details later, when I actually know them.

PHEW. I accidentally posted this on Brickspace, instead of here. Thank God I found out so soon!