Tuesday, 17 February 2009

New MOCs!

Well, I've taken dozens of pictures of the MOCs I made on Monday. Unfortunately, some of them need to be edited on Photoshop (which I don't have on my computer since Apple provided me with a crap computer with 1 gig of RAM, which can't run Photoshop!! ARGH!), so expect them later this week. As for now, none of them are on MOCpages, but they should be later. Here's a few previews of the best ones...
Thar be silhouettes a'brewing! Yar!
So I set up my big light filtering thing and shone my three Ikea lamps onto it, then posed some minifigs in front to make silhouettes. I'm not sure what I will use them for... maybe a MOCpages article, maybe some graphics for my website, maybe just to post on Flickr.
Faces will be added in, and the colour of their shirts will be changed. Two words: Bill. Murray.
 A MOC I made on Sunday, and Luke helped me take some pictures of it yesterday. I've got a great gallery of pictures. They should be on Flickr and MOCpages in the next few days (well, on Flickr next month: I've reached my monthly allowance this month)
Yesterday's big Photoshop project. You could never tell that I only had one strip of flowers, and only one petal. It's all photoshopped, it took me AGES! I had to edit out the background on each strip, feather the edges, up the contrast and all that, then do the same with Timmy (the minifig), edit out the stick holding him up, fix his face and hair (half of which was missing: that damn magnetic lasso tool), then do the same with the flying petals (which was harder because where you saw the thin side of the petals, the magnetic lasso tool did not recognize this third dimension), and then motion blur them, feather the edges of EVERYTHING like, five times, add a nice blue sky, fiddle with the Curves, and ta-dah!
A little preview pic I took of one of my most ambitious projects ever. It has water in it. Yes, you heard right. Water. And - if you can guess what I photoshopped in this picture, I'll give you a penny.

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