Monday, 9 February 2009

February Update!

I haven't posted here recently, so I thought I'd give you an update just so you don't think I've run off to WordPress, which I nearly did.

Unfortunately, I've lost all motivation to finish off They stare, they stare, as the idea has come and gone and I grabbed it that one night when I wrote the first part, but after that I just didn't have all the inspiration. Expect more stories and poems from me anyway.

Also, if you are a Blogger or WordPress user and you like posting short stories that you write, or maybe you just like writing stories and want to show them to the world, let me know by commenting on this post and then check back here soon, I've had the greatest idea.

Similarly, if you feel like contributing to what I hope will become a massive blog for anything: new pictures you've found, quotes, journal entries, photos you've taken, whatever, post here too. That's another idea of mine.

But I have not abandoned Blogger! I've decided not to go on WordPress (on which I only have one good blog, which I might move over to Blogger, but it's very rude so I won't share with you the link), and Luke and I are carrying on just as well with Brickspace, and this month we're aiming to update the little-known Brickspace Staff Room blog, which is a private blog for all Brickspace staff to chat to each other on.

Speaking of Brickspace staff, we've had two NEW members since I last spoke to you lot! Well, one of them I've just invited, but good ol' Zack (aka Zack NewRight) has been on Brickspace for a while now, and he's already posted a fair amount of posts, and set up a Flickr Group for us. I can honestly say inviting him is the best thing I've ever done.

What else has happened? Well, not much. Brickspace has had more than double the amount of page hits than it had only a week ago, with this week's total coming to over several thousand. That's Zack's doing, I know it is. Such a great guy.

Like, hah.

Agh, what else? Oh yeah, it's Valentine's Day on saturday. Oh dear, not again. At the rate these things come around, you'd think they were an annual event.

AND I've been to see three movies in the past, er...two weeks. Slumdog Millionair (seven BATFAs? That's insane. You don't deserve that, Mr. Boyle), The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (It deserved to have only one BAFTA. Let's hope it doesn't do as well at the Oscars), and Valkyrie (This one was actually good. And Tom Cruise gets shot at the end. Never seen that before).

Next up... nothing! Well, words, obviously. Hey look, if you're having trouble comprehending other dimensions, read this great explanation:

Have you ever considered how a four-dimensional being would appear to you if it suddenly came into your room?
I think they would resemble flesh-colored balloons constantly changing in size. We would see disconnected blobs of flesh, some attached to claws, teeth, lips, eyes, or hair. Let me tell you why.
Think of it this way. Consider a two-dimensional world resembling a sheet of paper. How would you appear to the inhabitants of such a world if you tried to interact with with them? The 2-D creatures would only see cross-sections of you as you intersected their universe. Your finger would look like a flat disc that grew in size as you pushed it through their world. Your five fingers might looked like five separate circles. They would just see irregular shapes with skin boundaries as you entered their world. Similarly, a hyperbeing who lived in the fourth dimension would have a cross-section in our space that looked liked a bunch of skin blobs.
A 4-D being would be a god to us. It would see everything in our world. It could even look inside your stomach and remove your breakfast without cutting through your skin, just like you could remove a dot inside a circle by moving it up into the third dimension, perpendicular to the circle, without breaking the circle.
A hyperbeing can effortlessly remove things before your very eyes, giving you the impression that the objects simply disappeared. The hyperbeing can also see inside any 3-D object or life form, and if necessary remove anything from inside. The being can look inside our intestines, or remove a tumor from our brain without ever cutting through the skin. A pair of gloves can be easily transformed into two left or two right gloves. And 3-D knots fall apart in the hands of a hyperbeing, much as a 2-D knot (a loop of string lying on a plane) can easily be undone by a 3-D being simply by lifting the end of the loop up into the third dimension. 

What else have I been up to? Oh yeah, Jørgen Vig Knudstorp #5 is coming very soon (well, Valentine's Day - I just couldn't leave it alone completely, could I?), so look out at Jåm .

I will be doing loads more Lego building over half-term so keeps yours eyes peeled, including, if I FINALLY get Photoshop onto my computer, The Instability (short story by Isaac Asimov), The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (well, I have the Indy hat now, so you can't blame me), that scene in Mary Poppins with the lady feeding the pigeons (don't ask why, It's some sort of subconscious urge I have), and many more MOCs and all that (maybe another Asimov short story - the one with the man who reverses parity using a machine, can't remember what it's called, I'll look it up) (and I'll try a better Valentine's Day one than the one that's currently on my Flickr account, that one makes me cringe).

Well, enjoy Valentine's Day, and your half terms!

~Will [-iam]

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