Sunday, 15 February 2009

Another day hard at work... MOCing!

Woah, I've tried some MASSIVE projects today. Here's a quick snapshot of my room, and I'll explain it MOC by MOC. I'll be taking the pictures tomorrow, BTW.
A: One hell of a complicated, unstable MOC. Today I thought 'hey, what a great idea: let's have under-MOC lighting!'. Why, self, WHY?!?!?

So this MOC is basically ALL my dark bley pieces wrapped around two long lines of clear bricks, to make two lines of (when lit from underneath) cool light. No walls though: I ran out of pieces. Dang.

B: Something with Bill Murray in it. I won't say any more than that. Nuh-uh, I'm not budging.

C: My biggest project: a MOC which will partly fill up with water. Yes, you heard right. It has a water tank-thing in it. It's AMAZING.

D: My first MOC of the day, and most failed one: a table with a plate and a Tomato Ketchup packet on it. Worthless.

E: I finally managed to to a Valentine's Day MOC, though a whole day late. It looks like a tiny MOC, that one, but the powers of Photoshop will show that a tiny MOC can become a large MOC. And some lurve included.

F: A WIP that I was gonna finish but sadly I didn't have enough time - or beige bricks - to do it today. It's a MOC dedicated to my History teacher, Mr Pendred.

So stay tuned for the pictures, maybe today, maybe tomorrow, I have no idea!

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