Saturday, 24 January 2009

Short Story

Rejk hit the ground running.
His breath flew from his mouth in a cloud of orange pixels. The inbuilt compass told him of his location, and that of the People. He rolled on the ceiling and came across another Baer. Dammit, they were everywhere. He'd have to clean them off when he was done.
A Person came into view, its hengs flapping madly like some sort of organic being. Rejk knew better: Rejk acted, tripping the gravity. Time stood still. Gravity went sidewards, and Rejk flew through the frontier. Now was the time.
He swung with his lower heng, it colliding with the Person as its body was deleted from the Stage. Time flew backwards and Rejk was flung back into Stasis. He breathed out. The breath was in blue pixels now: it seemed like Control was happy with him. So he got up and went to get a recharge from the nearest realPoint. Wait... where was it? All that was around Rejk was...was...
Forty quadrillion pixels crashed and died. Control's power circuits sparked out their own brains. The World broke down.
Rejk and fifty-five billion other Inhabitants were thrown into substasis, their existance and memories flung into unknown storage.
Control shut the Computer down. And hooked the Inhabitants up to another World. Sure, it was a little crowded without them, but they'd need a while to fix up the old one. It could work.
The Control plug snapped to the Control point, and the second World showed a population increase of fifty-five billion.
Rejk hit the ground running. Nothing had just happened.

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