Sunday, 11 January 2009



Today I went to Bluewater and got loads of cool stuff! Well, firstly we went to John Lewis to buy some rugs and sofas or summin. We bought one rug: for my sister's newly-designed bedroom. Which has slightly pink walls instead of white walls. Gee, I never noticed that.

After looking at some snazzy desks, me and my dad wandered off whilst my mum went to the café / restaurant / whatever, and ate some blueberry muffins. So, firstly, after getting lost and asking if they sold the iPhone in a Vodafone store, we came across the big Apple...the coolerest store to ever exist! OMG! After realizing they didn't sell Adobe CS4, and looking around the cool iMacs and iPhones and iPods and MacBooks and Mac Pros, we decided to get down to business. So after a succession of Apple Staff (none of whom were Final Cut specialists), we got to a guy called Tom (see picture). So he brought us to an iMac and answered all my questions about Final Cut Express. It was so cool: he was completely mad, or at least he just acted like it. Apparently he uses Final Cut in his own time, so he's a film maker too. I got most of my questions answered, and the ones he didn't know the answer to, no one knew the answer to. So that was successful.
Next up: the Lego shop! Double yay! My dad was getting impatient by then since we'd left my mum in the John Lewis café for quite some time and who knows how many blueberry muffins she'd had, so I had to quickly buy the sets and get the hell out of there. Which was a shame, 'cause I had £30 in my pocket and I could have bought something bigger, but ah well. More money for the online pick-a-brick I'm gonna do later this month. So I left the greatest shop in the world (well, maybe) with  a little Pirates set and the most lime green Power Miners set I could get my hands on for a small price. I'll be reviewing those later at Brickspace .
So, after another short time at John Lewis (in which I bought a pack of CD-RWs, a screen cleaner thing, and set off an extremely loud iWeb tutorial on one of their show Macs), we were out, and here I am. Phew, what a day! oh yeah, don't forget to subscribe to 101 Brickfilms , newly updated and all!

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