Monday, 7 December 2009

Tick tock.

It's been a while. It's been a whiiiillllleee. That's a long while. Maybe we should get started, so I can show you some of the stuff I've been wasting my time making. Please keep your hands inside the vehicle at all times.

First up is this book cover, just a design experiment, for Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis. If you haven't read it already, I strongly suggest you get a copy and do so ASAP - it's essential reading for anyone. So yah, I designed a little book cover. The outer sections are the flaps that flap back under the hardback cover.

I thought I'd get really deep and meaningful, and do something typographical. I failed, so created this witty graphic.

Then again, this one is one I'm quite proud of. Simple, but meaningful. So what's the meaning? Well, don't ask me. Det ved jeg ikke - I don't know! Art's all about the user's interpretation of the piece, anyways. So stop being lazy and work something out yourself!

A witty graphic, which is meant to represent a food. Can you guess what it is? See the bottom of this post for the answer :P

Now, what's this? Did you never know about Dimensionality? I could have sworn I told you one time... anyways, it's a blog I run (and post on from time to time where I basically rant on about my little theories on the nature of reality. Don't start reading unless you're prepared to understand it.

I've discovered a hidden passion of mine: typography. So I thought I might compare two fonts, in this case Rockwell and Lubelin, known as 'slab serif' fonts.

Well, that's really all I have to say ATM. Not much, sure, but I can't think of everything right now. Oh, BTW, I've decided to undertake a 365 challenge. No, not pictures: no one wants to see 365 pictures of my ugly mug, and it would really mess up my photostream, so no; I'm going to do a 365 blog. That's right: one blog post, per day, for 365 days. The posts should be a couple of paragraphs long, and I'm only allowed 5 get-outs. That means I can only say "whoops, I was busy on that day" 5 times. Any more and I've failed and I'm a disgrace and you can all slap me.

So that will start on 1st January 2010. One whole year of blogging... it's going to be challenging, I can say that for certain.


ps. The graphic is a hash brown (heh heh)

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Phone Pics?

You can't be serious. Honestly, I took more crappy pics with my phone and I'm now gonna dump them on here? No wai.

Yes wai. Reel #6 is here, and some of it is actually good.

Bus stop, dark cloudy sky. Quite nice perspective IMO.

A nice blurry pikcha.

What's this? A tropical rainforest, teeming with wildlife? A humid overgrown wasteland on the equator? No, it's the dump by an alleyway near my road, which the local council is either not aware of or (more likely) just ignores.

Oh, that's it. Ah well, at least some of it made it here. Also, a funny thought: why not rewrite the famous Lady Gaga song 'Just Dance' to 'Just Dansk'? Hee hee.


Sunday, 11 October 2009

Happy Birthday (x2)

Yeah, it's time for two birthdays. On the 21st, it's Brickspace's first birthday (aww, bless), and two days before, on the 19th, it's my birthday! I'll make a post on the day/the day after showing y'all what I got - you'll stay in the loop. Speaking of 1-year anniversaries, I bet none of you remember my birthday post from last year!

Ah, happy days, happy days. In fact, don't follow that link. It's got a picture of me on it. Even Jimmy McGrew wouldn't want to see that, would you Jimmy? "No, John, no I wouldn't."

You probably won't be all that pleased to know that I've found a new picture of Jørgen Vig Knudstorp, which inevitably means I made some more Jørgen-related graphics. And I did. This time, Jørgen is running for 'statsminister', which is the Danish prime minister.

What's scarier than one Jørgen? Three Jørgens, each getting progressively darker and smaller!

Then there's my Obama-style one. The text at the bottom reads: "vote for Jørgen! Has he got your vote?"

I get bored easily :(


Banner: "Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?" sorry, I said I was out of ideas.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

100 posts!

Well, 100 posts at the last post. This is 101 - so something like the Dalmation post.

Anyways, I guess I'd better show you some stuff so you don't run off. This is, in all honesty, just a post to say something about the 100 posts and also I realised I had barely posted in September :(

Sure, I get bored sometimes - so I create fictional Danish creative agencies and make websites for them. And yes, I know 'vilkom' is wrong - I gave my Danish book back to my library ._.,

I've launched two blogs in the past month: the first is Brickspace Opinions (above), which is not technically launched, but it's pretty much finished in design terms. Then there's my struggling 'science and other strange stuff about time' blog, Dimensionality. I'll be updating it every week, if all goes to plan.

Now then, let me just look for some other good pictures to show ye all. Oh wait... where's my harddrive folder!? What?! WHAT!??! Oh--

I accidentally my whole hard drive.

Sorry, I just found that picture (I traced over the original) and thought I might put it up here. Don't worry, my hard drive is perfectly fine.


Banner: Now I'm out of ideas. [no really, I am. Banner ideas, anyone?]

Friday, 11 September 2009


It's been a while since I posted here. Sad, in't it? Well, not really.

Now for a quick overview of what happened since I last posted. I posted the following successful (!) pictures on Flickr:

The armchair on the left (posted just yesterday) has become very popular, with 12 comments and 4 faves in under 90 views. Well, less comments if you discount the conversation about whether Mika is gay or not :P

And this is my desk. Well, it was last week. It's a bit neater now, but anyway. This shows some of the stuff that my life is all about: my computer, with the prelim homepage of my website. Hopefully that will be finished soon. Then there's all my textbooks and newsletters and schoolbooks, because last week I went back to school ( .__. ). You can also see my phone (which it seems like everyone else I know has), and the then-latest edition of NewScientist magazine, to which I am subscribed. It may even be the one with the article about higher dimensions... that was such an awesome article.

Well, I'm off to see District 9 on sunday. Maybe I might just do what I really feel I should do and write a review of it. You'll just have to see!


Thursday, 13 August 2009

I've been bad.

Yes, I've been a bad boy. A very bad boy. I said I was going to carry on with that 'daily rant' thing, but I didn't. Tsk tsk. I have sinned. /ashamed

But anyways, forget the daily rant, let's just share random crap instead. I thought I might show you some of my latest graphics and also some old stuff...
Er... OK, there's only one, but please also check out my new Deviation , which I haven't put on here because I value it dearly

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

You've got sprog!

I almost thought I wasn't going to post today, but it turns out I did, eigh? EIGH? Yes, i did. This probably won't be as long as most posts in recent days, because [for once] I don't have much to say. Yes, I don't.

Hmm. My hands smell like washing-up liquid. I guess that's because I was doing the washing-up today and the right glove was broken so I had to do it one-gloved. Dang.

So yeah, I was watching rubbish BBC Three programmes last night about underage pregnancies. Some of the people on those programmes are so... ignorant? I briefly thought about making a mock-programme called 'You've got sprog!' but then decided against it when I started thinking up scenes in it that could insult just about everyone, from women to northern people. A shame, really - I was just preparing my 'Kevin the idiotic underage father' accent. He could have been playing his DS in the hospital as well.

Yes, I have a strange mind. Who doesn't? To everyone else, your mind is a strange place, simply because it is so different to their minds. For all you know, everyone may see blue as a different colour. Of course, there would be no way to describe the difference in colour because you'd just call it 'blue', and that colour would correspond to another colour in someone else's mind, in someone else's eyes. Though this may be shocking, it's good to know that it really doesn't matter and that  we can all live our lives happily with or without knowing.

I went to the opticians today. Tried on some glasses. Obviously. I really want the large, old fashioned-looking ones, but they simply don't suit me. Everyone seems to want me to wear those thin, modern-looking ones. And, if I have the big ones, then I'd have to be making a 'fashion statement' of sorts, and I can't do that at school. Oh noes. If I were famous, walking on the red carpet every friday night, then I could, but no, not now.

I'll leave you with this final graphic I made just now:

Fighting the system. Something not to be attempted, unless you happen to be Schmätziehoffern. Hah, you thought I'd forget about Jimmy McGrew and his Homo Crew. I didn't.

Monday, 3 August 2009

Demented rabbits

So what's new today?

Well, yah, I've decided to continue with my series of daily rants about random crap. Hopefully Jimmy McGrew will pop up, along with other characters. I must say not much new stuff has happened today. I didn't go anywhere, so that eliminates the 'examining life outside my doors' aspect of these blog posts. Geez, this is gonna be hard.

I played The Force Unleashed, and pretty much hated it apart from the parts when you throw stuff into stuff, chuck people into stuff, fling stuff into people and generally have fun with the game's physics engine. Then you realise that you have to kill yet another damn Rancor in the most boring way humanely possible. Then you throw some more shit, kill some random glowing Felucians then come across TWO Rancors. You hold your head in your hands, take your head out of your hands and just force-electrocute the silly creatures.

Then you get to the cutscenes. Oh my, the cutscenes. They said on the game's website that they did that animation thing where you place dots on someone's mouth and they say the lines, then the dots can automatically make the game characters' mouths move. You even saw the 'actors' doing it in some studio in Lucasarts. Turns out, when you get to the cutscenes, the characters just look like demented rabbits, only moving their top lips. And the voice work is truly awful. Then the game glitched on me and showed the ending half way through the middle of the game.

Last night I watched the BBC's recent film-omentary 'Man on Wire'. What a fantastic film! A great soundtrack accompanying some great re-enactments of Philippe Petit's jaw-dropping tightrope-walk between the World Trade Centre towers. Petit himself was extremely articulate, if not a bit obnoxious. What would have been nice is Petit's reaction to the 9/11 terrorist attack on his beloved twin towers, which, as horrific as it was at the time, has now just become a way for me to tell whether a New York-based film was made before or after 2001. Sad, isn't it?

I made a new Flash element for Brickspace, but that speck of information is utterly useless. So nothing really happened, today, I mean. Of course stuff happened in the history of human development, and I'm sure millions of other people in this overcrowded world have had a fantastic day that they would never forget. Sadly, I'm not one of those people. I won't remember this day. Then again, with this blog post, maybe I am trapping a part of me today to be held here for ever, so that I can read this post again some time in the future, and be transported back to now, to today, to Monday 3rd August 2009. Or at least that's how it's meant to work. I've tried the whole text-time-capsule thang before and it hasn't worked. There's a theory about time always looping, how every moment in the whole of history, all existing at the same time, all existing now. It would make time travel a whole lot easier. I was only told that a theory of that existed a couple of months ago in an interview for the Rolls-Royce science prize, but I've had the idea of simultaneous-time for years now. Really, I have.

I really should do a 365-project. But I want to find a topic to do it on, not just anything. If I do it about anything, it will fall down some stairs into an infinite ocean of rubbishness. So what topic? I dunno. It won't all be that topic - I'll take part in Flickr pool bandwagons every now and again, but I want something with 300 possible parts to explore. I was going to do an Alphabet project on non-English letters like Eth and accented letters, but that just never happened. Also, there's the whole 'school' problem. I can't bring my camera into school, so will all the school-day photos just be me at home or on the way to or from school? My original idea was to wait for my gap year, and do it then.

Have you ever thought the devil could be a pig? Not the real devil, Dick Weatherington, but just a depiction of the devil. No, a depiction of death. A big long black cloak, with a hood, with a pig's snout pointing out. A dead pig's snout. Falling out. Not actually looking right at you but seeing everything in the room. Scythe? Maybe. On a tricycle? Nah, a bit clichéd. I've got to work on this...


Sunday, 2 August 2009

Grumpy-looking coat stands

In continuation from yesterday's randomly random outburst of UTTER MADNESS, I'm back for what I hope will be a daily update of what I've christened improv-typing. So just let me blab on about whatever the hell I want to, and I'll let you not put your cutlery in the right way up in the dishwasher, and we'll get along swell.

So what's new today? The date. It has never been 2nd August 2009 ever before now, and it never will be, so suck it all up, vacuum Clooney. Whut? Nothing.

Anyways, Jimmy McGrew (and Dick Weatherington and Schmätziehoffern), I went to a boot sale today. I was hoping to be one of those insanely lucky guys on Flickr who find loads of Classic Space sets MISB (mint in sealed box) with untouched minifigs and all. In fact, I found some rugs, a Slavic book and several grumpy-looking people. None of which I bought. Who'd even want a grumpy-looking person? What use would that be other than as a coat stand? Actually, now I come to think of it, one of those grumpy-looking people would have been very useful.

So that was a failure. No Lego, just some God-awful Mega Bl*ks. Shudder.

In other news, your mother was today found shoplifting from the pound shop. Jim Crackles, manager of the 99p Store approximately three stores up from where your mother was caught this morning, says he recognises her from several shopliftings in his store earlier today. Tsk tsk.

So yeah, I watched The Commitments! I've listened to their music for ages now, and the movie finally came on TV. It was great! Next up: Blues Brothers.


Saturday, 1 August 2009

Rant rant rant...

OK, that last post has got me in the mood for a good long rant. So, basically, I'm fed up of people on Flickr decorating their names with grammatical symbols and accents without actually considering them. Sure, it's quite a weak argument, but I'm angry nonetheless. At least I'm not blabbing on about people using 'Legos' instead of 'Lego'.

First up, and foremost in my conciousness is the Latin letter O with a stroke - Øø. I don't know if it's coincidence, but Lego Flickrers seem to use it a lot, and it's an accent which pops up in Danish as well as other Scandinavian languages. For those who care, Ø makes a sound which can vary (in Danish) from an 'er' sound to the last sound in the French 'sœur'. In some cases, this works - 'Kilø' becomes something like 'killer' (a little scary, but a normal word nonetheless). In other cases the use of Ø falls flat on its face - take 'Jerrø' as an example. And no, I don't care if it was just profile name decoration, whenever I see it I see it not as decoration but as different sounds, dammit. So just know what you're putting into your name.

One guy with whom I have a certain annoying bone to pick is Mr. David 'Gðmolka'. On further investigation, it turns out David's surname is 'Gomolka'. I've never seen, however, someone mistake Eth (Ðð) as a progression on an O before. Eth, if you haven't already guessed, makes a 'th' sound, specifically that at the start of 'this' or 'the' rather than 'thatch'. So apparently he's 'Gthmolka'.

Some people like to decorate their names with MORE THAN ONE accent. Let's take poor old 'Zåçh Ç' for example. I know I really shouldn't pick on him, but I guess he just doesn't learn French at school. FOr those of you who don't know, Çç is a c with a cedilla, which makes a soft c - or s - sound. Zach has also included an a with a ring (Åå)in his name. This pops up here and there, and is found in all Scandinavian languages. It is like Ø, but more to the sound of 'or' or 'aaor'. I'll leave it up to you to work out the correct pronunciation. The capital of that letter - Å - is also the Ångström sign, which is some unit of measurement of atoms or 'summin.

Then there's those people who like to include weird accents in their names. These can look 'cooler' (dare I say 'awesomer') but then you run the risk of the accents not showing up on older computers which have an older version of Unicode. I won't say anything bad about 'Kǻrrde', because he's actually a nice guy, but his compound a with-ring-above-acute (Ǻǻ) has really got me guessing. An acute accent can either mean a sound which starts low and goes high (only slightly, though) or a sound which is the main stress of the word. I'm hoping it's the latter.

My final nit-pick is with people who over-decorate, who add extensive accents to their names, namely 'ӃilǝƵillλ'. Some of those symbols in his name I had to delve deep in my character palette to find. The first K I had to copy direct from his Flickr 'stream, so I've no idea what it means. I've looked through the whole K library - with right hooks, left hooks, commas below, dots below, and more, on pages of my character palette that I didn't even know existed. My best guess is that it's a phonetic symbol. Next up is the turned E (Ǝǝ). I'm pretty sure it's something phonetic, but it is also used in general notation-or-something. After some research, I've found out the Z with a stroke (Ƶƶ) was used in a Tatar language in the 20th century to show a sound close to that in the middle of 'fusion' (nowadays shown as Žž). And, to cap it all off, the final letter (meant to be an A) is either the Greek letter Lamda or a turned Y. So ya.

Oh, and I know you've probably noticed I have a symbol in my name too. So yes, I shouldn't really be insulting other like me but I do have some right - because I know what they mean. I have added Eng (Ŋŋ) into my name knowlingly and with acceptance of people calling me 'Jong'. Besides, this post wasn't really about me insulting people. It was about you lot of readers learning a little bit more about those weird letters you find in the 'Insert Symbol' palette in Word. And I bet you found some of it interesting.

I mean NO offence whatsoever to ANYONE, so don't get all lairy at me.


UPDATE: It turns out the Ӄӄ at the start of KileZilla's name is in fact a Cyrillic letter. The Cyrillic alphabet is an alphabet used in languages like Russian and Kazak (you will have seen Cyrillic scripture in the film Borat). Even still, it's the Cyrillic letter Ka with a Latin accent (a hook), so it's pretty rare.

Some stuff and some more stuff

Well, OK, not more. Maybe more. I'm just improv-ing this post, I guess this blog just needs updating, no matter what with. Yah, so get ready for a rant.

Have you ever noticed how small we are? How something in a TV programme can mean everything to you, but in the general scheme of the universe, it's just some tiny speck in a civilization of some planet somewhere which, itself, is a tiny speck on the face of the universe. Gee, now you feel all small. Heh.

So ja, Brickspace's Flash animated banner, which has been in production for many months, has finallally been released (-allally)! Huzzah! Go check it out by following the link to Brickspace on the sidebar -->

What else? Oh yeah, I saw Moon! You didn't think I was going to, but I did, Jimmy McGrew! I went up to the Curzon cinema in London and saw it! I dids! And it was GREAT! Even Jimmy McGrew hasn't seen it, and I have, Dick Weatherington! Yes I HAVE!! Oh looksie, a new graphic:

Where'd that come from? Who knows (apart from Jimmy McGrew and his gay partner Dick Weatherington, and also their dog Schmätziehoffern)!?

Oh, I gots me a new signiature as well - even though I never had an original signiature to progress from. It just sounds better to say 'new'. It even includes the cool n that I have in my Flickr username. So what is that n? Well, it's the Latin letter Eng, and it's one of a series of Latin letters that were made up to show certain sounds in English - so it's not part of the IPA (though it is the IPA symbol for the 'ng' sound). Now, if you've bothered to look at the previous brackets, which is probable because they're all that blocked your way towards this sentence and, admit it, you'll read whatever's right-of or next-line-far-left of what you're currently reading, you'll have a headstart on what Eng sounds like. Why not actually say the word 'Eng' and hear that great sound at the back of your throat? That's the 'ng' sound, nitwit. And that's what Eng does. Oh, and no, 'Johŋ' is NOT pronounced like 'Jong'. Agreed? Yes.

I'd like to thank all my family (sob), Sunil Patel (sob), Wikipedia (sniff) and the Apple character palette for helping me win this (sob) prestig(sob)ous award. Th(sob)thank you!! (sob)(sob)(sob)

Please note the above '(sob)'s have no relation to an abbreviation of a certain insult which consists of accusing the insultee that they (automatically being thought of as male, though the insult does not have the same effects of those of the female persuasion) are descended from a female dog. Instead it only acts to show that, whilst the above person was making the above speech (no sexual innuendo intended, though no sexual innuendo should be made out of the preceding statement in the first place - if you have found the preceding statement somehow funny in a sexual manner, please inform us), the forementioned person was sobbing. The verb 'sob' here has no relation to that in which 'to sob' means 'to tell someone they are a male descendant of a female dog'. Thank you for your time.


Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Well hello there.

Hmm, what's new [Jimmy McGrew]?

Nuff'n much, I just thought I should post here because Johnspace was dropping down my blog list (where the blogs updated the most recently are at the top). Gee, this blog was even below F***ing Apostrophes! Heh, what is the world coming to?

Well, I'm now in der freizeit! Or on holiday, for those of you who can't speak Deutsch, I'm on holiday!

I've built a couple o' things, watched Defiance (meh) and gone to WHSmith for some much-needed stationery shopping, though not in that order. Heh. Expect those MOCs to be up here and on Flickr soon...

ps. I've got four photos on Flickr's Explore pages now! Hoorah!

Banner: O HAI THERE!

Thursday, 9 July 2009

District 9 Trailer #2

They just released a proper, full-length District 9 trailer! Wahoo! So, we get to see some new footage and a hint of a plot. Though I'm not too happy with that alien mech thing, and all the explosions, I guess that's what brings money in when it gets to the general public. Is it only me who wants a non-violent District 9 film? Anyways, the spray-can-thing and the warning signs, along with the way it's shot, make this film unique and haunting, and I definitely want to go and see it. September 4th in the UK.

Saturday, 4 July 2009

'Cold Souls' Trailer

Now, I've known Paul Giamatti to star in some weird films, but in Cold Souls, to be released August 7th in New York and LA only, Giamatti has outdone himself.

Let me give you the plot: Giammati plays an actor called... Paul Giamatti, who sees an ad for soul-extraction in his newspaper, and thinks it's a great solution to his problems. Unfortunately, someone nicks his soul and takes it off to Russia.

Yeah. I think the trailer should explain it better:

Merged MOCs!

Recently I merged the themes Power Miners and Classic Space, to create an ultimately crap new style. Here are the results of my labour:
Banner: Ark ark.

Saturday, 27 June 2009

JVK #7

Well, it's getting there after all. I thought I had given up on it, but I'm still going. Hopefully.


And this episode guest stars yet another famous Lego dude! Yup, it's Nannan Zhang!

Friday, 26 June 2009


OK, I admit it! I've been listening to Danish radio!

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Tchiq Form PART I

The first part, introducing you lot to my phonetic pronunciation system - called Tchiq Form. Enjoy, and there will be loads more coming soon (including a much better version called MTF, but I must show you this first so you can understand MTF).
Sometimes it is hard to know exactly how to pronounce a word. In most cases, the IPA is used. The IPA is the International Phonetic Alphabet, which contains symbols to show any sound the human mouth can make. However, the IPA needs to be learnt to be useful to the average person, so Tchiq Form is a handy alternative to the IPA, which is easy to understand.
Tchiq form is made up of two basic components which show what a letter in a word sounds like[1]. These are extremely easy to use, since they utilise a basic feature of phonetics that everyone is taught: letter-sounds and name-sounds.
Letter-sounds (tchiqs)
Most people first learn the alphabet in letter-sounds. For example, ‘a’ pronounced ‘ah’ and ‘b’ ‘buh’, ‘c’ ‘cuh’ etc. These are simple, short sounds that the letters make, as opposed to the actual letter names (‘a’ is ‘ay’, ‘b’ ‘bee’, etc). When a letter makes a sound that is its letter sound (so an ‘a’ sounds like ‘ah’), we put a symbol above it known as a tchiq. So let’s make this ‘a’ sound like ‘ah’, its letter-sound:
As you can see, the tchiq looks just like a tick, as its name suggests.
Name-sounds (slurs)
As mentioned before, letters can be pronounced as their letter names instead of their letter sounds. Name-sounds are generally longer sounds than letter-sounds. So, ‘a’ would become ‘ay’, ‘b’ would become ‘bee’, ‘c’ would become ‘see’, etc. To show that a letter is pronounced as a name-sound we put a symbol above it known as a slur. The slur looks like a curved tchiq[2], as you can see below. The slur is above an ‘a’, giving it an ‘ay’ sound.


[1] However, there are many symbols that further enhance how to pronounce a letter. These two are the basics.
[2] There may be mistakes in identifying a tchiq from a slur (or vice versa) if they are not drawn properly, which is why hand-drawn Tchiq form can be hard to read.

Friday, 19 June 2009

District 9

Ah, and while we're on the subject of trailers, Neill Blomkamp's District 9 looks to be fantastic. The plot? There are a whole load of aliens - yes, space aliens, not illegal aliens - in South Africa, and they have spaceships and other stuff. OK, I don't know much about it, but just see the trailer:

2012: finally a proper trailer

After getting bored of that damn monk running up to his monastery on that Nepalese mountaintop in the original 2012 teaser trailer, I'm relieved to see that Roland Emmerich's $200 million 'masterpiece' has finally got a new trailer. Hoorah.

Saturday, 13 June 2009

I really should post more

But hey, I can't help it if I've weighed down with more tests than I can imagine. Gar, this time of the year be tough.

So what's new, Jimmy McGrew (hah, you thought you'd never hear of him again. You were wrong)?

Here's the lowdown:

Due to the fact my Newgrounds reputation sucks, I've decided to ditch the old account and create a new one - and with that, a new name! This time I wanted something Czech, so I've gone for Zbyněk Janů - yeah, I'm sad. Who cares?

I'll let you know when I've set up the new account.

Agh... that's it. Yeah, I know, it sucks. At times like these you just need a speedy and effective escape route... something to keep people distracted whilst entertaining them...


Monday, 1 June 2009

New stuff in the Portal

I haven't blogged some Newgrounds portal entries since I made two Flash thingymahoops last october, but I thought it was time to revisit the portal with the conclusion of my favourite Flash series, Nameless.
Well, OK, it's not completely over, but the long-awaited Volume 3 to conclude Nameless 6 has been published. Find part 1 here and part 2 here . If you missed Volumes 1 and 2, or even the earlier episodes, they can all be found on the collection page here .

Wednesday, 13 May 2009


Such fun on Omegle...
I first started talking French, seeing how long it would take for my chat-mate to disconnect in utter frustration. This one lasted a while, relatively...
This one, methinks, is Spanish. So he disconnected when he knew I was french.
This guy obviously hates French people.
Then I started speaking Danish (hence the 'hej'). Sadly this guy just doesn't quite geddit, since he met some Nazi in a previous chat.
What an anti-badgerist he was. And he's Swedish - nothing compared to Danes. Pfft.
This guy hates badgers too...
This guy actually went with the badger thing, surprisingly. But then he talked about the goddamn Game. I hate that thing.
Then I tried to talk as if I knew the stranger I was talking to. This guy went along with the joke (no, really, I hadn't talked to him before).
I should have, really.
Then I tried writing in binary. Binary DOES have spaces in it, when you're writing it down. In the actual binary code, however, it doesn't. Spaces just make it easier to see/understand.
One of the greatest things to do is start the chat with the same thing each time, and see how different Strangers react. My one was 'Cut the shit. I know what you're here for'. But who is Joe Jonas?

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Sarcasm marks

We have a question mark (?) to show a rise in the tone of someone's voice at the end of a sentence, which makes it question-like.

We have an exclamation mark (!) to show a loudly-spoken sentence or one with exclamation or surprise. Usually these sentences [ended in !] are louder than usual sentences, to show surprise or that the speaker did not expect something, or they need to get something said quickly (as for why the human voice gets louder when the speaker is in danger/worried/scared, we must look back to the origins of mankind for that. Though I don't know exactly, it is probably something to do with hunting instincts or coming across predators).

So what if you want to express sarcasm? Well, that's where today's writers have to let you work out where sarcasm happens.

Yet suffer no more! I think there should be a sarcasm mark, or part of punctuation which shows sarcasm, instead of the funny way which is just using mock-HTML tags:

Well of course I'm stupid.

Hows about something like the exclamation or question mark?
 I started by editing an exclamation mark, with 'swooshes' to show smooth irony and sarcasm.

Then I carried out my original idea, to have a curvy body to an exclamation mark, to show a lack of solid insult/statement, as if it were not completely 'meant'.
But the problem with the exclamation mark-type sarcasm showing is that you don't know completely which part is intended in sarcasm: it could end a sentence which contains various clauses, and not all of those clauses are intended in sarcasm. So why not show sarcasm like we did before with the HTML tags? Why not as a set of 'speech marks'? So I tried out a couple of ideas and this (above, beautifully modeled by the 'a') is what I came out with. Sure, I might refine the design, and I'll let you know when I do. The idea for the top-left + bottom-right layout is from some Danish speech marks:


Which are also used in German, though in Danish you can also use:


Thank you and goodnight.

Oh and Jimmy McGee.

Monday, 11 May 2009


Hey, do you want some messed-up fun? Well look no further than, where you get to chat to completely randomly chosen strangers! Hoorah!

No, seriously, it's quite a lot of fun, and it's addictive. I once talked to a guy who said 'I'm black'. I said 'I don't care' and he disconnected. Another person I kept being randomly selected with, three or four times. - for random fun!


This film looks like it's gunna be AMAZING. If only it wasn't an 18...

Sunday, 10 May 2009


Or welcome. Whatever your preference.

So, what's new, Jimmy McGrew? Well, loads.

Firstly, I managed to finally finish MOCtag in a record-breaking three days flat. You can find the story and the pikchas here , but first let's see a clip:
Next up, a funny series of comic strips about Swine Flu! Achoo!
I may make more, but I've kinda run out of ideas. Damn.
Also, check out the Supr-Kamiokande detector in Japan. No, that doesn't mean you need to go there, I just wanted to show you a picture of it, because I was reading about it in a book (Quantum Physics for Everyone... ha ha, it sounds really bad), and it's so huge. It contains 500,000 tons of super-pure water for detecting them neutrinos.
It's large. Uh-huh.

Banner: What Neutrino?