Saturday, 13 December 2008

The weeks before The Night Before Christmas

I'm brickfilming again!
So, this next Brickfilm is called 'The Night before Christmas'. I always try to make one Christmas-related film each Christmas. Last year was Planki's Christmas Carol, this year it's time to do another term time (gasp!).
So, this Brickfilm is a huge step up for me. I've moved up to 15 fps, which means I have a new walking animation, and everything looks much smoother. Also, I am now using a new tripod and diffusing thingamyhoop with boom! Look, just see this pic of my room after today's filming. The light goes behind the white circle, which diffuses its harsh glow and stops glossy white parts on me minifigs.
My dad also introduced me to the Monopod: the stupidest yet coolest piece of equipment ever!!! It's just like a tripod, but only has one leg (!?). It's used for on-site tripodding without the tripod, and has a toe rest!
Anyways, I've just finished the latest Jørgen Vig Knudstorp comic, and updated his blog, which is now called 'Jåm'. Check it out here .
So, enjoy all that, and here's an exclusive (!) frame from "The Night before Christmas":

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