Thursday, 4 December 2008

Phone Pics #3

It's me again!

So, I got some new Phone Pictures to show you! This one (roll #3), isn't the best, as it's getting much darker and I'm getting much shakier. It I could just sort out the noise that comes out on EVERY SINGLE FLIPPING PICTURE, I think I might take some perfect photos. However, with my phone how it is, I'll just have to do what I can. Godammit, I gotta get myself a new phone some time or other. Or a camera. Hmm, maybe.

Now, every day I walk out of school and peer across the fields into a lovely blue December sky. Every day I see huge clouds moving in across the sky towards the school, like giant cliffs jutting out hundreds of meters up and no doubt hundreds of meters wide. So I took lots of pictures of them, and here they are. Enjoy.

The sun shines through the clouds on an unusually photoshopped day

I think these are called cirrus clouds. Fluffy, but pretty nonetheless. They look very low in this picture, but they aren't really that low!

Alien invaders! Don't you agree that big cloud looks like it's looming over the school? Scary, eh?

Just another blue sky. They're all beautiful, really, but I don't find this one very special.

A lamppost. Strange, but it looks kinda weird. The lamp is actually that colour. It's got a weird look to it. Hmm.

SWOOSH! Someone's stupid gesture makes an excellent spinning shot of the trees. Exciting!

So, that's all I got for ya! Sorry there's not much, but it wasn't really a very good roll. I'll try and take some better ones, but it's very hard to keep the camera still enough to put something in absolute, complete focus. Anyways, see you next time!

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