Sunday, 28 December 2008

Christmas and stuff


Christmas just happened.

Ok, I've got a few things to clear up first. Ok, sorry about not releasing The Night Before Christmas, AND Jørgen Vig Knudstorp #4. Neither made it in time. JVK is being shifted to New Year (I'm going to make it tomorrow, it'll only be a short one). As for The Night Before Christmas, well, I dunno. If I get time, I'll finish it, but if it's not done by the end of the Christmas holidays (6th Jan), then don't expect it to ever be finished. I'll try. I have the whole of tomorrow to do whatever I want, so I'll try to manage my time carefully.

I've taken more pictures. No, not phone pictures (my phone camera really can't put up with much since I stepped on my phone. Accidentally, of course. How? Well, I was jumping up and down and my phone slipped out of my pocket, fell face-down on the gravel and I slid on it), but pictures taken with my/my dad's Powershot G9. So, on Boxing Day, like my dad always make us, we went on a walk. This year it was a place called Mariner's Hill. So I took the camera and took some pretty good shots. I'm not uploading them all to here (I need all the space I can get for Brickspace), but you can check out all the best ones on the Flickr gallery .

Happy new year!

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