Monday, 29 December 2008


Confusing for some...

But I get it! Aha! I finally get String Theory!! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!

Sunday, 28 December 2008

Christmas and stuff


Christmas just happened.

Ok, I've got a few things to clear up first. Ok, sorry about not releasing The Night Before Christmas, AND Jørgen Vig Knudstorp #4. Neither made it in time. JVK is being shifted to New Year (I'm going to make it tomorrow, it'll only be a short one). As for The Night Before Christmas, well, I dunno. If I get time, I'll finish it, but if it's not done by the end of the Christmas holidays (6th Jan), then don't expect it to ever be finished. I'll try. I have the whole of tomorrow to do whatever I want, so I'll try to manage my time carefully.

I've taken more pictures. No, not phone pictures (my phone camera really can't put up with much since I stepped on my phone. Accidentally, of course. How? Well, I was jumping up and down and my phone slipped out of my pocket, fell face-down on the gravel and I slid on it), but pictures taken with my/my dad's Powershot G9. So, on Boxing Day, like my dad always make us, we went on a walk. This year it was a place called Mariner's Hill. So I took the camera and took some pretty good shots. I'm not uploading them all to here (I need all the space I can get for Brickspace), but you can check out all the best ones on the Flickr gallery .

Happy new year!

Monday, 22 December 2008

Planki's Christmas Carol

Just to ensure that you guys don't get bored if The Night Before Christmas doesn't make it in time for Christmas, I've released my Christmas special from last year. Originally 13 minutes long, Planki's Christmas Carol was a bumper Planki episode that marked the end of the Planki era. After that monumental film, I suddenly discovered Planki's limitations and how Planki just doesn't work with my slightly deeper voice and new ideas, and no one actually liked Planki anyway.

So here it is, the Redux version. I tried to remix it to under the YouTube 10 minute time limit, but sadly I just didn't make it. So, catch it in two parts:

Part 1
Part 2

Merry Christmas!

Friday, 19 December 2008

End of school!

Like, YAY!
School ended today! Hooray!
... and other things that rhyme with 'ay'.

Anyways, now it's the holidays, I'd better get back on with The Night Before Christmas. A tough film to make, and now that I'm worried  the ending may not be very satisfactory/sane, everything's gone to pot.

I've started work on Brickspace 2009, with new types of posts and Jørgen's Christmas special comic strip, hopefully a bit shorter than previous JVK comics. I'm really hoping to up the anti at Brickspace in 2009. Hell yeah.

Next up, the Film Festival. Everything's gone a bit quiet, but I'm gonna put up some posters and host a few more assemblies in the Spring term. I think the resources are the only reason preventing the students entering a film, so I've got in touch with Carl Salton-Cox from Beths Grammar School. He started up a huge filmmaking community at Beths, and has got funding from the government for loads of equipment. Hmm...

Ok, now for the body of this post: some cool new pics! I've always been in love with symbols and signs and letters with accents. Now I've discovered the character palette on my computer (my computer never fails to amaze me: the amount of new features I find every day, It's astounding), I've been making up my new characters with accents...
A C double cedilla. For extra smoothness on that c. Normal cedillas turn 'c's into 's's, as in 'ç', but this s sound is much smoother and more 'relaxed'. Very hard to pronounce.
A Z Cedilla. Basically, a soft 'z'. When pronounced, it sounds pretty much like an s, but a bit harsher. Like a snake, y'know?

A harsh 'v'/'f' sounding letter. One of my few completely new letters, and not just ones with different or made-up accents on. The Vrenda sounds like a cross between a V and an f: a harsh, spitting sound that you may need to scrunch your face up for.

The sthent is the sound that people make who have a lisp. So, this letter, the 's', will sound like a 'th', as in, for example, 'thnake' instead of 'snake'. This letter is a way of simplifying the 's/c - th lisp' without actually writing out the th.

The sthent is the sound that people make who have a lisp. So, this letter, the 'c', will sound like a 'th', as in, for example, 'thentury' instead of 'century'. This letter is a way of simplifying the 's/c - th lisp' without actually writing out the th.

The Efnet, the symbol for the Efnar part of my extended ElectroMagnetic Spectrum. The Efnet is a letter that was once used in the alphabet of an extinct language, but now is just used to symbolise things, like Alpha, Beta and Gamma are. The old language used to pronounce it like 'huurf'.
This is the symbol for Baevern Visible Light, a section of my Extended ElectroMagnetic Spectrum just to a higher wavelength of Radio. It is the visible light wavelength on the planet Baevern. The B in this symbol sports one of my lovely 'slurs': the twelfth letter of the Baevern Alphabet, slurs are used to make the sound of a letter much smoother, much more, well, slurred. As if you were drunk, let's say. You get two types of Slurs: this one is called a topward slur. There is also another type of Slur called a longward Slur: basically a tilde/enye underneath a letter. You can also get Slur-strokes on 'O's and 'A's.

Saturday, 13 December 2008

The weeks before The Night Before Christmas

I'm brickfilming again!
So, this next Brickfilm is called 'The Night before Christmas'. I always try to make one Christmas-related film each Christmas. Last year was Planki's Christmas Carol, this year it's time to do another term time (gasp!).
So, this Brickfilm is a huge step up for me. I've moved up to 15 fps, which means I have a new walking animation, and everything looks much smoother. Also, I am now using a new tripod and diffusing thingamyhoop with boom! Look, just see this pic of my room after today's filming. The light goes behind the white circle, which diffuses its harsh glow and stops glossy white parts on me minifigs.
My dad also introduced me to the Monopod: the stupidest yet coolest piece of equipment ever!!! It's just like a tripod, but only has one leg (!?). It's used for on-site tripodding without the tripod, and has a toe rest!
Anyways, I've just finished the latest Jørgen Vig Knudstorp comic, and updated his blog, which is now called 'Jåm'. Check it out here .
So, enjoy all that, and here's an exclusive (!) frame from "The Night before Christmas":

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Phone Pics #3

It's me again!

So, I got some new Phone Pictures to show you! This one (roll #3), isn't the best, as it's getting much darker and I'm getting much shakier. It I could just sort out the noise that comes out on EVERY SINGLE FLIPPING PICTURE, I think I might take some perfect photos. However, with my phone how it is, I'll just have to do what I can. Godammit, I gotta get myself a new phone some time or other. Or a camera. Hmm, maybe.

Now, every day I walk out of school and peer across the fields into a lovely blue December sky. Every day I see huge clouds moving in across the sky towards the school, like giant cliffs jutting out hundreds of meters up and no doubt hundreds of meters wide. So I took lots of pictures of them, and here they are. Enjoy.

The sun shines through the clouds on an unusually photoshopped day

I think these are called cirrus clouds. Fluffy, but pretty nonetheless. They look very low in this picture, but they aren't really that low!

Alien invaders! Don't you agree that big cloud looks like it's looming over the school? Scary, eh?

Just another blue sky. They're all beautiful, really, but I don't find this one very special.

A lamppost. Strange, but it looks kinda weird. The lamp is actually that colour. It's got a weird look to it. Hmm.

SWOOSH! Someone's stupid gesture makes an excellent spinning shot of the trees. Exciting!

So, that's all I got for ya! Sorry there's not much, but it wasn't really a very good roll. I'll try and take some better ones, but it's very hard to keep the camera still enough to put something in absolute, complete focus. Anyways, see you next time!