Saturday, 22 November 2008

November update: film festival, youtube channel, new pics

Woah, what a 22 days it's been since I last updated this blog! Sorry for the delay, but I've been astoundingly busy!

Firstly, I launched the St Olaves' Film Festival in assembly on Wednesday 19-11-08. Tom pulled out of helping me at 10 o' clock the previous night, so I phoned Luke up in the morning and asked him to help. Luckily, he said yes, so it all went well. We had a few technical problems, but they were my fault, really, and for some reason I didn't care. We played 'Beige' to the whole school. So, I feel so much better now I've got it started. I've had lots of interest in it already, burt people seem to think that it's only an animation competition, probably due to me showing Beige. Damn. Oh well, the posters should go up in a few days. I've updated my YouTube Channel's background, with SOFF's trademark flying animated guy, like a mini advert for SOFF. Here's one of the posters for SOFF, it's gonna be in A3, should be released on wednesday, put up around school and will be put in the register of some of the Forms. The Form Tutors should put the posters (whichever one they get) on their notice boards.

Next thing on the agenda: more pictures! Due to a Geography IPM due in three days ago, I had to end my next reel of Phone Pictures rather early, but hey, wotcha gonna do about it? I've got some quite good pics, not as good as before, my phone really sucks in low light which is annoying since I seem to be walking home from school in the dark of night. Anyways, I have some good pictures and a few very embarrassing ones that I will not show you guys, so there. I also have some pics from my Geography IPM investigation, that I consider as some of my best pics, so I'll put those on too.

The School field, looking green as...well, grass really! BTW, this picture was essentially photoshopped, can you tell?

Power to the Thermometers! I have so many thermometer-in-air pictures, and this is one of the best. I don't get why everyone hates lens flare/Newton's rings. It's so beautiful!

At the bottom of the school field, Luke, Fridge and Sam take thermometer readings against a blue sky. Well, not totally blue, but sometimes clouds are nicer than just a boring blue sky.

Leaving school. This is an OK pic, I just wanted to include it.

A street lamp through the branches of a tree. The best - and only decent - picture that I took with my phone in the dark. Oh well.

And finally, the sunset that Natalie pointed out on the bus. If only I could have taken a picture of it outside the bus, there's the reflection of the inside on the window. Grr.

Last but not least, I am Blobgend is still in progress! When Apple delayed the Insomnia Film Festival that Luke and I were gonna enter, we took the time to do some much-needed Blobgend filming! Because we had lost a scene that we filmed before (I'm not sure how), we re-filmed that and it looked much MUCH better, because we did it when it was dark and it looked SO COOL! We also filmed yet another opening title sequence (hopefully the real one this time), and I'm looking forward to finishing off this film in the Christmas holidays. Sorry for the delay, but it's gonna be so much better!!

Ok, that's all for now, so see ya!