Thursday, 23 October 2008

This 'n' that

'lo, everbody! Or should I say, Hej! That's how you say 'hi' in Danish! Ok, I've got a whole load of stuff to tell you, so get comfortable.
Ok, firstly, me and Luke have finished Brickspace! Yay! It used to be 'best of Brickshelf' but now we've upgraded it to BrickSpace. Check it out, on its new shiny domain name:
Next up, some pictures I took on my way to and from school. Sadly I can't show you the ones of my friends, but I guess it's better than being sued. I took them on my Nokia phone, then bluetoothed them to my Mac and edited them in iPhoto '06 (yeah, not '08!). They're a little blurry, but good quality nonetheless.
It's half term soon! Wa-hoo! Oh yeah! Yay! I'll be doing some Brickfilming, and some lego building too, so expect more from me.

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