Thursday, 2 October 2008

Not much to say!

Right, I'm going to update this blog though there isn't much to say.
Firstly, it's finally October, which means it's nearly my birthday! Yay! Every day that goes by, I get closer and closer to owning Final Cut Express 4! I'm salivating already! Oh, National Brachiosaurus Day went down well, I suppose. I gave everyone their cards (apart from Chris, sorry mate, I forgot), and we got a joint one from Natalie.
Also, I'm going to be getting a desk for my room. Yes, another one! This one's for Lego and Brickfilming, 'cause my desk is cluttered with that alleyway creation I showed you earlier. This desk is gonna be SO COOL. Yes, it's from Ikea, but It's got shiny legs and a drawer unit with shiny handles and a new lamp and a drawing board and drawer divider thingy. Mmm, shiny. Ok, If Tim, Luke or Genesis are reading this, then ADD TO THE BLOG!! ARGH!!
Oh, and I'm currently animating, which is exciting!

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