Sunday, 7 September 2008


Hello again, readers!
I've just updated a few of my websites and published them to the net. The first is the CS podcast, which I had updated last month but hadn't published, so if you're subscribed to it then you'll get two new films sometime soon.
I also published the third generation of my Crescent Studios website, which is now much smaller and much more efficient, so you don't have to wait for the RAM-heavy backdrop to load up and the backdrop won't tile on web browsers other than my Mac's. There is also an updated 'Contact Us' page, though the film pages are not yet finished so don't go complaining, punks.
I also did a few other sites, like my site for my new multimedia company NewRabbit Studios, which should launch soon. I'm still doing graphics for it, so it won't be done until later!
Ok, enjoy! Oh, happy birthday to the LEGO minifigure! Here's the logo!

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