Sunday, 31 August 2008

Doris the fly

A few days ago I got bored and put together a few of my stray grey pieces that were hanging out on my desk after Brickfilming. So, after about five minutes of fiddling around, I ended up with an urban-style LEGO fly! I call her Doris, and she has two eyes, a stingy mouth thing, antennae, a textured back, six legs, doors for wings and some major bling in the form of a necklace. I thought the transparent doors were a great addition to the design, and they worked really well with the whole 'urban' feel to the creation. I like the feet too. I experimented with the fact that the holes in the 1x4x1 fence brick could be fixed around studs. Ta-dah!


Yay, I can't believ that I've got TWO new subscribers in 24 hours! Wow! I'm sure this is somehow linked to my newest Brickfilm Beige, though one of the subscribers could be a boy in my class. Could be. I also got some more spam mail telling me to look at some girl's webcam (probably sent to hundreds of people), but oh well. To celebrate this thing happening, I've delved into my hundreds of pictures and picked out a picture of my two cats fighting. Enjoy!

Saturday, 30 August 2008

Paper Star Wars!

Today I got really bored and decided to make a paper-cut-out Star Wars battle. I've started with the battle droids. They're really easy to make (though a bit fiddly), there's full instructions and everything.
Here's a picture of the battle droids. The one in the foreground is a commander, and the ones in the background and just normal. The battle droids have movable arms, hands, heads, legs and feet, and can also hold different things in their three fingers (though they don't hold stuff well: I had to glue the guns on). The commander has a yellow spot on his chest and also on his head and they all have antennae and a backpack (to cover the gluey bits). Though it's hard to make them stand up, they look great!
Here is also a picture of a Super Battle droid. It's really really easy to make, as it only has two pieces! It too has movable legs, feet, arms, hands and also rotatable shoulders (gasp)! It also has a bulging back to give it some 3-D shape. It too cannot stand up.
I also designed a hailfire droid and a N99-tank droid, and I tried making the tank droid but it won't work, since it's hard to stick lots of little tabs down to create a round surface. I haven't yet attempted the hailfire droid, since that has two wheels that need to be stuck onto lots of tabs, which will be immensely hard. Instead, here's a picture of how it the tank droid came out.
I also made a tree, but haven't tried it out yet (but I do have it printed out on card), and I'm excited because I've had some ideas for the clone army sets to do tomorrow.

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

3 Comments in 20 hours!

Yay! My newest Brickfilm, Beige, has only been on YouTube for 20 hours and it's already got 25 views and 3 comments, which is a lot for me! Wa-hoo!